ABOUT  Beatrix

I am a passionate photographer that loves to capture moments leaving behind a legacy of stories for family and friends to enjoy and remember. This idea of storyline photography grew even more on me when my mom wrote a story for the family of her journey to skydive on her 60th birthday. My two boys enjoyed it so much and now we have not just the memories to hold on to but her story as well. As an adventures family we spend a lot of time outdoors doing fun things; building ramps for the bikes/skateboard, feeding fish at the dam, playing in the garden (mainly to play with water) and even do some baking. My children are precious to me and I enjoy taking photos of them during these fun times in nature. Family is an important part of my life and the moments we share has to be displayed, to tell our stories and for the kids to never forget. The more I can be surrounded by friends, family and animals the better. I am through and through a people person and enjoy spending quality time with friends. One thing I cannot leave out, my favourite hobby - Horse riding and all the adventure it brings.

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